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Doctrinal Resources

Here are few doctrinal resources available for free download.

  • Bible Timeline – Old Testament
    A timeline of the Old Testament from Creation to the cross, and other points in between. The “Long” Old Testament timeline shows a number of extra-Biblical characters and events (Babylon, Egypt and Greece, etc) alongside Bible history.
    Abraham’s Timeline (PDF 200k)
    Genealogy: Abraham Quiz (PDF 380K)
    God’s Covenants (PDF 130k)
    Old Testament (Short) (PDF 600k)
    Old Testament (Long) (PDF 1.5M)
    Old Testament Kings & Prophets
    (PDF 550k)
    Biblical History
    A series of PowerPoint presentations tracing Biblical truth through human history.

  • Messiah in the Hebrew Feasts
    Each of the Levitical feasts of the Hebrew calendar point to the specific person and work of Jesus Christ. This document includes a timeline of the week of the crucifixion, showing Christ’s fulfillment in each element of the Spring feasts.
    English (PDF 300K)
    French (PDF 300K)
  • Pastoral Training
    A basic primer for pastors. An explanation of the Gospel, how the Gospel works, how to study the Bible, and more.
    English (PDF 400k)
    (PDF 1.5M)
  • Questions and Answers about the Christian Faith
    A series of Biblical questions and answers based on Charles Spurgeon’s catechism.
    English (Questions and Answers) (PDF 180k)
    French (Questions only) (PDF 190k)
    French (Questions and Answers) (PDF. 328k)
  • Assorted materials
    John’s Seven “I AM” Statements (PDF 106k)
  • The Trinity
    An introductory look at the doctrine of the Trinity, it’s Biblical and historical, and the necessity of affirming the triune nature of the Godhead
    English (PDF 280K)
    French (PDF 320K)
  • Technology Tutorials
    – theWord – a PowerPoint tutorial to introduce users to basic features and function of theWord, a free Bible study for the PC, available at The tutorial is presented in simple English (PPTX 15.9M)

Media Resources

Photos, statistics, demographics, history and more