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Rwanda Memorial

God called Dr. Andrew Foster home to be with Him on December 4, 1987.

Approximately 2-3 minutes after taking off  from the Goma Airport in the Democratic Republic of Congo, his plane crashed in the eastern portion of the neighboring city of Gisenyi, Rwanda, killing all on board. The local government set up a memorial at the site of the crash.

The following photos of the memorial site were taken in the summer of 2012.

The Google Map applet below shows a zoom-able map of where the memorial photos were taken. If you click on the “Satellite” or “Hybrid” buttons, you can see an aerial view of the memorial site in Gisenyi, Rwanda.GoogleMaps incorrectly places the photos about 100 feet to the west of the memorial site. The photo on the right shows the correct location with a yellow circle. Aerial

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