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Some photos of the work in Africa. Be sure to visit our blogs for more photos.

Before communication can take place between two parties, both must share a common language. In the case of the Gospel, this language must be complex enough to communicate abstract concepts such as God, Sin, Judgement and Salvation. When Dr. Andrew Foster first went to Africa in 1957, there were no schools for the Deaf in all of Central or West Africa. His first task was to educate the Deaf; give them a language. Once communication was possible, then the Gospel could be shared.

Here, French students are signing (in French) “Jesus” “Me” and “Loves”.

Once the foundation of a language is in place, the students move to a higher level of education. Armed with a solid education, the Deaf person can gain the skills to seek gainful employment.

Christian Mission for the Deaf emphasizes maintaining a well-rounded character. An excellent example of this is our work with Youth Camps.

These annual retreats allow the Deaf to gather in a relaxed setting away from the distractions of daily life in order to study the Bible, enjoy sports and other group activities.

Important components of Spiritual growth include Bible study, worship, prayer and fellowship. These services are coordinated and lead by deaf Believers. Here the Deaf meet as a group for Church services and Bible study at the Deaf Center in Ibadan, Nigeria.

The work that Christian Mission for the Deaf does in each country is designed to be self sustaining. Local Deaf citizens are trained to be both educators and Spiritual leaders. This approach allows each group to carry the torch and spread the Gospel on to the next generation.

The Deaf work hard and play hard. Having a variety of games like table tennis and volleyball provide a pleasant social setting and strengthens the Deaf’s feeling of community.

A group of Deaf students making bricks which will be used in construction of new facilities.

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