February, 2024

Construction in Uvira continues

Plans are still in process for our August Congo Bible Camp. We had some prospects of using a facility in the town of Musaze, in Rwanda. The cost would have been lower than what we spend in the DR Congo, and the facilities would have been nicer. Unfortunately, due to the civil unrest between Rwanda and the Congo, transportation costs are exorbitantly high, and we would be better off to meet in the Congo after all. Pray with us that we’ll be able to use that facility in the future, because it really looks like a good facility.

We’re happy to report that Phase 2 of our construction project in Uvira (DR Congo) is still making progress, albeit slowly. I’m not sure we’ll be able to meet our September target for completion. Pray with us that we’ll be able to stay on schedule.

Plastering the ceiling in Chad

The church elders in Chad are finalizing plans for their annual Easter camp for the deaf. Pray that they’ll have good attendance and participation, that lives will be touched by the Gospel.

Indeed, your prayers are coveted!

Tim Foster
Christian Mission for the Deaf