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Statistics for Christian Mission for the Deaf

The following table gives an idea of the statistical challenges faced by Christian Mission for the Deaf, and the number of schools and/or Sunday schools opened in each country. It lists the schools opened by Dr. Foster from 1957-1987.

Country Est Deaf Population Schools Opened
Benin 6,100 1
Burkina Faso 11,266 2
Burundi 5,537 1
Cameroon 15,029 1
Central Africa Rep 3,375 1
Chad 7,359 3
Dem. Rep. of Congo (Zaire) 49,000 13
Gabon 1,207 1
Ghana 18,497 2
Ivory Coast 15,446 1
Nigeria 110,532 3
Senegal 9,723 1
Togo 4,905 1
Total 257,976 31

Some of the schools have closed due to civil war and political unrest. Management of some schools has been handed over by local governments or to other evangelical groups. A number of other organizations now open and/or support schools in Africa, and they can be found on Google.