June, 2023

Dear Friends,

Tarna Richard and Mamtombaye Djerareou. Completion of 9-month advanced teacher training program

Director Yves Beosso reports that two of their teachers, Tarna Richard and Mamtombaye Djerareou, have completed a 9-month advanced teacher training program. We’re excited to see how God will use their additional training to benefit the deaf pupils in Chad.

Meanwhile, on the construction end of things, we’re getting closer to completing the two-story multi-purpose building.

The first floor is already being used for church services and various meetings. By the time classes start in the fall, we hope to have the better part of the second story completed as well.

Progress on the multi-purpose building

The economic situation in Nigeria has been especially bleak in the past few months. Political tensions combined with Covid’s impact on the economy have caused prices to jump sky-high. To make matters worse, there has been a lot of pressure coming from outside the country, trying to get Nigeria to move to a cash-less society. Although the idea can look good on paper, the reality is that too many small businesses are cash-only, and as a result of reduced paper currency in circulation, cash has been hard to come by. In response, many people are cutting discretionary spending and many parents have been slow to pay tuition for their students at our school. Director Emmanuel has had to make a number of unpleasant cutbacks as things grind to a halt. Pray that the economy can get back on track quickly.

In the midst of this downturn in the economy, we’re still hoping to host our annual two-week leadership training program in July. Pray that things will go smoothly in spite of the current financial hardships.

Indeed, your prayers are coveted.

Tim Foster