September, 2023

Dear Friends,

Sparse furniture in Baraka, DR Congo

Our schools have launched into their new year! Keep our teachers, staff and students in your prayers as we navigate this years challenges!

In Baraka (DR Congo), Director Shukuru Heritier reports that his school has been able to enroll a few more students into his primary school. One challenge they’re facing now is that they have a shortage of furniture. Their old school building was smaller and required fewer pieces of furniture. Now that they have more space in their new building, they need more furniture. We’re also hoping to get a line of drinking water run to the school property. Lord willing, we should have it in place in a few weeks.

Construction of new school in Uvira, DR Congo

In Nigeria we’re facing some peculiar challenges. For reasons I can’t resolve, our ability to send funds to Nigeria has been unsuccessful for the past month. All things being equal, the best way to send funds is usually through Western Union, but for the past few weeks, all attempts to send money through any financial bureau, including Western Union, has met with failure. I’ve tried several attempts to find out why our transactions are failing this month, but details have been sparse and so far, nothing has resolved the situation. As a result, we have a backlog of funds to send for the school operation in Ibadan, seminary fees for 2 students we’re sponsoring at ECWA Seminary, and interpreter services. Pray with us that this mysterious issue will be resolved soon so that we can get some desperately needed funds to our co-workers in Nigeria.

Praise God with us that Stage 1 of construction at our new school in Uvira (DR Congo) is complete! Director Pililo Amani reports that the foundation is in place, and construction on the walls are now underway. When completed, it will be a 2-story school for both primary and secondary students. Pray with us that the funding for this project will be timely.
Indeed, your prayers are coveted!

Tim Foster