March, 2023

Dear Friends,

Our two deaf Nigerian students, John Ayanowle and Cyprain Oraetoka, are finally enrolled at ECWA Theological Seminary in Igbaja, Nigeria. Thank you for your prayers as we navigated the challenges of getting them in place. John and Cyprain have both informed me that they’re enjoying the challenges and learning much in their classes. Continue to keep them in your prayers as they further their education.

On a somewhat coincidental note, John Adetoyese, the current provost of ECWA, was surprised to find out that I was involved with helping these two deaf men get enrolled. He was a student at ECWA back in the ’80s, and vividly remembered my father, Dr. Andrew Foster, coming to ECWA to enroll several deaf students from various countries in Africa. He even showed me a photo of his deaf classmates from that year. What a fun reminder of God’s grace as we see how he navigates us across the decades!

In Baraka (Democratic Republic of Congo), Director Shukuru reports that the the Provincial Directorate of Primary Secondary and Technical Education is building their new offices adjacent to our new school building on the outskirts of town. This is quite a blessing. Although we’re not affiliated with this government organization, their high-profile presence will bring additional attention to the work we’re doing in Baraka. Not only will we get more foot-traffic from passersby, but we’ll also have better access to municipal infrastructure (water, electricity, etc) as the city expands.

In Chad, Director Yves Beosso’s staff is preparing for their annual Easter Bible Camp. It’ll take place in Bitkine, a mountainous region about 200 miles east of the school in N’Djamena. They expect to have participants from several cities across the southern region of Chad. Pray that God will grant them traveling mercies, and the camp time will be a good occasion for Bible teaching and fellowship.

Truly your prayers are coveted,

Tim Foster