November, 2022

Dear Friends,

Emmanuel Ilabor, the director of our school in Nigeria, reports that a driver lost control of his truck and plowed into our school van while our driver and several other cars were waiting in line to purchase gas. Our van was totaled, and before the truck came to a stop, the driver hit several other vehicles and, sadly, killed several onlookers. We don’t know the affected families, but they surely need prayer. The driver was arrested and had no insurance. He was only able to pay $257 towards that $15,000 to replace the van. Our second van will have to do double duty until we can afford to buy a replacement.

After a long court battle, a judge has finally recognized us as the lawful owners of the 39-acre site we’ve been slowly developing over the past few years. So far, we have the frame and roof for the females dorm, and hope to start the interior. Construction of our Classrooms building is underway, with the dining hall and property fencing still ahead of us. We anticipate the total cost for this phase to be 177.5 million Niras (approx $250,000 USD).

At our newest school in Barka (DR Congo), parents are pleased to see their children gaining a formal education – something many thought would never happen. The parents are now realizing that they need to learn sign language in order to communicate with their children’s rapidly expanding vocabulary. Pray for director Shukuru as he plans parental training classes for January 2023.

Indeed, your prayers are coveted.

Tim Foster
Christian Mission for the Deaf