April, 2021

Dear Friends,

We’re pleased to report that we have completed the purchase of two parcels of land in the Kivu province of the DR Congo. One is near our Uvira school, and the other is near our Baraka school, and we’re excited to begin construction. Pray that the designs will be satisfactory for our needs, and that funds will be prepared so we can begin construction soon.

In order to address some of the challenges at our school in Bukavu (DR Congo), Pililo Amani, our regional director, was able to have a lengthy meeting with our Bukavu director and missionaries Kathy Lindquist and Renee Lindquist. The main challenges facing our Bukavu school frequently stems from a lack of training. Pray with us that we’ll be able to arrange the training needed so that the school can flourish.

By the grace of God, Covid fatalities are not a major challenge in the DR Congo, and fewer than 100 Congolese have succumbed to the pandemic. The fear of Covid, however, has made a large impact on the country. Schools were the first to close, and students are now foregoing their summer vacation to make up for lost school time. As a result, it’s looking like we won’t be able to have our usual Congo Bible Camp this year. I’m hoping we might be able to have a small training event in Goma (DR Congo), but it remains to be seen how many people will be able to participate. If the numbers are sufficient, we’ll plan to go forward and meet.

Indeed, your prayers are coveted.

Tim Foster