February, 2019

Dear Friends

Our Bukavu school has gone through a number of challenges over the past few months. The Baptist church where we rent our rooms is asking for an increase in rent. One of our reasons for moving to this facility two years ago was the low cost, even if it was further from Bukavu. With the rent increase, it is now time for us to now reconsider the feasibility of our current location. Pray for wisdom as we evaluate our options.

The Congolese Internet blackout of January resulted in a breakdown in communication between staff, directors and our USA office. For the most part, we were able to bear with it until the Internet was turned back on, but Satan used it as an opportunity to sow doubts, spread rumors and agitate fears among some of our staff. By the grace of God, and with direct intervention assistance from missionary Renee Lindquist, we were able to see confession, forgiveness and reconciliation among the staff. For those new to the Christian faith, it was an opportunity for them to witness Christ-honoring humility triumph over the usual pride and envy. Pray that the peace will be lasting.

In Fizi, Director Shukuru Ramazani has just completed a trip through the Kivu region, visiting CMD schools in preparation for a first annual CMD Director’s Meeting next month. Pray with us that all 4 schools will be able to participate, and that travel concerns for our Likasi school (1300 km away) will not prevent their participation. Director Ramazani has received an offer from regional school official: If he’s able to raise the installation fee to connect to the electrical grid, they will provide our school with free electricity. Praise God for a wonderful opportunity. We’re praying that the parents of the students will seize the opportunity to pool together their resources to make this happen.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

In Him,

Tim Foster