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5:CBC2011 – Uvira

A travelog of Tim & Sheryl’s trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo in September, 2011.
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Regrettably, we never made it to Uvira!

The plan was to take a bus from Likasi to Lubumbashi, then fly back to Bukavu where I would reunite with Sheryl, and then take a bus down to Uvira for a couple of days before heading back to Kigali for our flight back to the US. The problem was that when I got to Likasi, the Congolese Airlines, CAA, was less than forthcoming about getting a flight back to Bukavu. They said that their flights were full, but if I came down to Lubumbashi and paid a bribe, I should be able to get a flight back to Bukavu. But since there were no guarantees on the flight (and no specificity on just how much that bribe would be), that plan sounded quite ridiculous. Instead of dealing with an unreliable airline and unconventional travel arrangements, I opted to take the next Kenya Airways flight. But that flight wasn’t till two days after my planned departure. But at least it was reliable – and safe. The flight would take me to Kigali, Rwanda, where I would meet up with Sheryl. Unfortunately, that meant we would miss visiting our school in Uvira, and have an extra day to spend in Kigali. Not the best of plans, but certainly preferable to being at the mercy of the CAA airlines.

At the Lubumbashi airport I was able to met up with a deaf gentleman, Florentin Shabana, who was quite industrious in establishing a deaf association that would spearhead opening schools and churches in the region. We discussed his vision and plans, and I was quite impressed with the work that he had underway. Pray that God will bless his work and use his team to bring Him glory, and that his association will not cause conflict with other groups.

I arrived in Kigali safe and sound at 3 AM.

Overview | Kigali | Goma | Lubumbashi | Likasi | Uvira | Kigali