November, 2023

Dear Friends,

Motorcycle restored in Chad

Praise the Lord with us: After much effort, we were finally able to get funds to our two seminary students at the ECWA Theological Seminary in Igbaja, Nigeria. Due to policy changes by the Central Bank of Nigeria, we’ve had a particularly difficult time sending funds to our various contacts in Nigeria over these past few months.  Now that the funds have been delivered, the seminary students have been able to reimburse their interpreter (who has been working for almost 2 months now without pay), and get caught up on tuition fees. Pray with us that our next few transactions will proceed unimpeded as we press forward to complete the school year.

In Chad, Director Yves reports that he witnessed a motorcycle accident while running errands in town. The police mistakenly assumed he was involved in the accident and compounded his motorcycle. They kept it for almost 15 days while investigating the matter, and gave conflicting reasons as to why they couldn’t release it sooner. Thankfully, the situation was eventually resolved, but not without requiring a $24 fee to release his motorcycle, and, to make matters worse, they lost the key. It’s been a huge inconvenience to have his motorcycle out of commission for almost 2 weeks, but we’re glad it’s now behind us.

Flooding in Baraka, DR Congo

In the Congo, the city of Baraka experienced massive flooding on Nov 18th. Our school, faculty and staff survived without incident, but ten of our students lost their homes. Keep them in their prayers while they rebuild.

Indeed, your prayers are coveted!

Tim Foster