October, 2022

Dear Friends,

Displaced refugees near Goma, DR Congo

There has been quite a bit of civil unrest in the Kivu province of the DR Congo this year. Since the end of March, a militia group called M23 has been stirring up trouble. The UN High Commission for Refugees reports that the violence has displaced about 50,000 locals. We partner with several churches for the deaf in the affected areas. We partner with the deaf church in Rutshuru, and they’ve been heavily affected. Pray for the church in Goma, as they send delegates to the refugee camps to minister to the refugees seeking shelter and peace. Pray also that this recent eruption of violence will come to an end so that the people can resume normal lives (1 Tim 2:1-4).

Helping relocate people before floodwaters hit in Chad

In Chad, the Chari River’s annual flooding was much heavier than in years past. In 2021, about 256,000 people were affected, but this year, almost 1,000,000 people have been affected in the October flooding. More than 465,000 hectares of crops and 19,000 heads of livestock were destroyed and the government declared a state of emergency for 18 provinces. Several parents have brought their children to our school in N’Djamena, asking us to board their children until they can rebuild their homes.

We’re happy for the opportunity to serve the community, but the extra mouths to feed have certainly added to the financial burden. We’re thankful for the American friends who quickly stepped in to help shoulder some of the growing costs.

Extra kids at our Chad boarding school

Indeed, your prayers are coveted.

Tim Foster
Christian Mission for the Deaf