July, 2022

We’re in the final days of preparation for our 2022 Congo Bible Camp. Due to Covid travel difficulties, we’ve had to delay the Bible camp, so I’m glad we’re back on for this year. Instead of meeting in Bujumbura (Burundi) as we did for the past 2 camp sessions, we’re meeting in Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As such, we’ll have a lot of locals at the camp, and I’m looking forward to metting up with friends I haven’t seen in many years because they’ve not been able to travel to Bujumbura. Pray with us that our course material on the lives of the Patriarchs (Gen 25-38) will be well received, and that the lessons will not be understood as stand-alone stories, but rather, complex narratives adorning the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We’ll also be offering additional evening classes on church history, homiletics and hermeneutics.

Prior to the Congo Bible Camp, I’ll be the keynote speaker at a conference that’s being put on by one of the local pastors, John Gakuru. As a certified French/Swahili/English/Signlanguage interpreter, he’s been a huge blessing and service to us over the years. I’m honored that he’s asked me to come and speak at his 3-day conference. As far as the topic for the conference, we’ll be delving into some pretty deep waters regarding the Sovereignty of God and the Duty of Man. Pray that God’s word will be honored, and that the challenging material will be absorbed well, even with the language challenges at hand.

It’ll be an action-packed couple of weeks, so we covet your prayers!

Tim Foster
Christian Mission for the Deaf