April, 2022

Dear Friends,

Here’s a note we received from Yves Beosso, the director of our school in N’Djamena, Chad:

Easter Camp in Sahr, Chad

“We praise God for a successful 24th annual Easter Bible conference took place in Sahr, Chad during the middle of April. The city of Sahr is about 15 hours southeast from the capital city, N’Djamena. In all, about 130 campers came in from 8 different regions of Chad. This was the city we last held the 1st Easter Bible conference in 1996 when we moved to Chad from Nigeria in October 1995. God has blessed our ministry and our participants through this camp, bringing light to the deaf. We give Glory to Him and continue praying as we extend educational and Gospel work among the Deaf in Chad.” 


In the city of Uvira, DR Congo, we’re finally ready to break ground on a new school. It’s been a long delay, but the time is now right. One of the hold ups is that we’ve had a buyer willing to purchase our old property. That deal appears to be falling through, so pray with us that the buyer will go through with his original commitment and complete the transaction.

Indeed, your prayers are coveted.

Tim Foster
Christian Mission for the Deaf