March, 2019

Dear Friends,

The Ebola virus continues to spread in northeast D.R. Congo, claiming over 850 lives since August 2018. If that weren’t bad enough, rebel groups are sowing seeds of distrust in the IMA World Health Organization, claiming that the virus doesn’t exist and is part of the government’s effort to control the region. In Butembo, violence has broken out against the medical teams and clinics working to contain the Ebola outbreak. Several clinics have been ransacked and looted, and are now closed. Although we don’t have any schools or churches in that area, there are at least 3 deaf churches in the Beni/Butembo area, and a number of deaf friends in the region have participated with us in our Gospel work in the Congo. Pray that they will be protected from both the virus and the violence.

Director Nanza will likely have to find a new facility to rent in Bukavu starting this fall. The church where we currently rent space has suddenly increased the rental fees. The cost of living in Bukavu has gone up in the last year, so we’re having to reevaluate a number of agreements that we have in place, and look for a new facility. The church has a small parcel of land they are willing to sell us, but the current location is still a bit far outside of Bukavu for a permanent location.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

In Him,Tim Foster
Christian Mission for the Deaf