September, 2018

Dear Friends,

Grand Opening in Fizi, DR Congo

The 2018-2019 school year is off to a healthy start in Nigeria, Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Summer construction and renovation projects are nearing completion: In Uvira, Director Pililo has had to rebuild the toilet facilities. In Fizi, Director Shukuru has completed preparations for their newly rented facility, and hosted a grand opening-day ceremony, with local dignitaries in attendance. Pray with us that these improvements will serve the deaf well.

We’ve started a new program where we offer financial assistance for some of our senior faculty and staff to pursue higher education at local universities. So far, we have about six people in Chad and the Congo who have submitted applications to take advantage of this opportunity. It is our prayer that their continued education will improve the quality of their teaching and administrative duties as they work to bring education and the Gospel to the deaf.

In Him,

Tim Foster