April 2016

Dear Prayer Partners,

We’re thankful for your prayers as our Congo Bible Camp was a sweet success. About 85 people were in attendance, 1/3 of whom were church leaders. We covered the book of 2 Peter from start to finish, stressing the importance of clear Biblical teaching. In our church leadership classes, we taught a brief introduction to church history and martyrdom in the Church; what it means to pray “in Jesus’ Name”; and the history of heresies attacking sound doctrine through the ages. Much of the material was completely new to the church leaders, and help to provide some clarity to various long-standing questions.

Director Yves Beosso (from our school in Chad) was able to join us again. In addition to helping teach 2 Peter, he also taught classes on baptism and marriage. We appreciated his ability to take the truths of Scripture and teach them in a way that dovetails with cultural particulars that Africans would appreciate.

In Him,

Tim Foster