February 2016

Dear Prayer Partners,

Although we had some promising options for a new venue for our Congo Bible Camp, one didn’t materialize and the other ended up being too costly. Unless something changes in the next week or so, we’ll be back at our usual place. Pray for the general welfare of the attendees as we meet next month. A number of them got sick (myself included), and have expressed concerns. Pray also for the new partners who will be traveling with us from US to Africa for the first time. Aaron and Kristi Kuglin are bringing their 5-yr old daughter, and the Lindquists have a young friend from their church who is interested in deaf mission work.

The construction project with our school’s expansion in Chad has come to a standstill as funds have been depleted. Pray for more funds so we can finish the building by adding windows and doors for security.

In Him,

Tim Foster