July 2014

Dear Prayer Partners,

It was truly amazing to see how God has been nurturing the deaf that attended our annual Congo Bible Conference in mid-July. Attendance was higher than expected, and the volume of feedback we received was strong evidence that they’ve been growing both in their appetite and their knowledge of the Scriptures. What a joy it is to see how God has been keeping them firmly rooted in Him as He continues to shape us all into the image of His Son!

A special treat for us this year came in the form of a mission team from Harvest Bible Church in Westland, Michigan. Not only did they help with food and games, but they also performed drama routines throughout the week covering the material we were teaching in Colossians. We’re deeply grateful for their assistance! In addition to our conference, they also helped Tom and Kathy Lindquist with 3 other conferences in the area. Truly, they were a hard-working group.

In Him,

Tim Foster