September, 2021

Dear Friends,

Director Yves Beosso reports excellence attendance at their 5th National Deaf Church Leaders’ conference in Chad. The

Deacons in training in Chad

topic of the week was Biblical church leadership, with a focus on the qualifications and duties of deacons. We thank God for an excellent turnout and participation from several cities across the southern region of Chad. We look forward to next year’s conference where we hope to build on the same theme and use the training to strengthen the deaf churches.

Construction for the new school in Baraka (DR Congo) is definitely picking up. The bricks have been fired, and the preliminary foundation work has been completed. Next stage is to pour concrete, and then start the brick work for the walls. In the meantime, we have had to find another school to rent because our landlord has decided to sell the building we were renting. The cost to rent the new school is a bit higher, but we’re able to make it work.

Construction picking up speed in Baraka (DRC)

Indeed, your prayers are greatly coveted!

Tim Foster