June, 2017

Dear Prayer Partners

The visa process for our trip to the DR Congo this year has been fraught with red tape and delays. We leave on July 11, Lord willing, and the Congolese missionary family we partner with (Tom and Kathy Lindquist) are leaving a week before we do. If we don’t get our passports and visas in time, it will be very expensive to reschedule everything. Pray for a quick resolution to the process.

John, my older brother, has been a faithful CMD office staffer since 1988. Last week, I took him into the hospital for what turned out to be appendicitis. While in the emergency room, he had a seizure and his heart and breathing stopped. He was resuscitated in short order, but due to complications in the appendectomy, he’s still in the hospital. He’s feeling much better, and will soon be released. Keep him in your prayers.

In Him,

Tim Foster